Global ecommerce

Enable small and microbusinesses to compete online

Thanks to the power of the internet and online marketplaces like Etsy, people can now start and grow a global business online, right from their homes. 

Yet, some laws create barriers for microbusinesses. For example, import rules and taxes vary by country, and accurate information can be difficult to find or comply with. Packages are often delayed at the border or subject to unforeseen duties, leading buyers to reverse transactions or demand refunds. Postal services sometimes struggle to deliver the affordable, dependable service our sellers rely on.

Sometimes policymakers propose laws that could hinder Etsy’s ability to grow or provide services to our community. For example, proposals that could put greater liability on platforms like Etsy may force us to impose significantly more barriers to entry and limit the opportunities we provide to new entrepreneurs. 

Finally, the internet has democratized access to entrepreneurship. We want to ensure everyone has access to high-speed broadband and strong net neutrality protections that preserve an even playing field for small businesses online.