Meet EU creative entrepreneurs and hear why access to online marketplaces matters for microbusinesses.

In 2021, more than 5,000 European sellers signed our Digital Services Act (DSA) petition, joining Etsy in urging EU policymakers to defend the rights of small business owners against new rules that would impose heavy burdens on small and microbusinesses.

The participation of the seller community made a difference: On January 20, 2022, the European Parliament voted to reject the most harmful amendments included in the DSA.

We believe it’s crucial for policymakers to continue to hear directly from their constituents to ensure these harmful proposals are not reintroduced in future legislation, including the EU’s General Product Safety Regulation (GPSR).

Below you’ll hear directly from those potentially impacted by these changes.

Helene Depotte - Madame Huguette (France)

Nice, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur 🇫🇷

Meet Hélène Depotte,
owner of Madame Huguette

My Etsy shop was opened during the pandemic, and is currently the only option that allows me to continue working and supporting myself. Etsy is a place for self expression, and allows many creators, like me, to pursue their own path and showcase their work. It’s paramount to protect this means of sharing both for the survival of creators, and to ensure continued creative freedom. I’m concerned that if the legislation is changed without considering the needs of creative entrepreneurs, my work will not survive.

Valentina - MadcolorsByValentina (Bulgaria)

Sofia, Bulgaria 🇧🇬

Meet Valentina Kostova,
owner of Mad Colors by Valentina

When COVID-19 hit, I realized I wanted to be able to create and do what I love. So, I quit my job of over 12 years and started to invest all of my time in my shop. Etsy has been essential to my livelihood ever since. My life is exciting again and I’m focused on growing my business. My country is small and being an artist here is a real struggle. I hope that reforms to the DSA and future legislation will take into account the needs of artists and small business owners, and protect our access to affordable, accessible, and reliable online marketplaces.

Nathalie Darley - SimonesFrenchVintage (France)

Pau, France 🇫🇷

Meet Nathalie Darley,
owner of Simone’s French Vintage

I started my vintage and antiques shop in 2016 in order to make a living while supporting my daughter, who has a disability and health issues. Selling on a global marketplace has been a game changer for us. My daughter’s never missed a vital appointment, and I earn a living doing work that gives me a sense of self worth and focus through difficult times. Every microbusiness makes an impact on the global community, from paying taxes to building connections across borders. I hope legislative reforms consider the needs of small businesses—accessibility to online marketplaces without further obstacles is vital.

Olimpia - ApartandVintage (Germany)

Munich, Germany 🇩🇪

Meet Olimpia Rauscher,
owner of ApartandVintage

I’ve raised four children, and I’m now a caregiver for my mother, who is 94 years old. My Etsy shop serves as a way to unleash my creativity while generating a pension. I love working with flowers, and get lots of tips from my husband, a trained gardener, that inform my accessory designs. For small businesses, the Etsy marketplace is invaluable. I find that the law already demands far too much of a small tradesman like me, and sincerely hope reforms of the DSA and GPSR will address the needs of artists and small business owners, ensuring our access to affordable, accessible, and reliable online marketplaces.

Cristina - Graphic Design By Cris (Spain)

Sevilla, Spain 🇪🇸

Meet Cristina P,
owner of Graphic Design By Cris

Selling on Etsy lets me earn a living from my illustrations and graphic designs while making many customers happy. Thanks to Etsy, I have a stable job, can pay my bills, and look forward to the future! I hope that small business owners around the world can continue offering their products on the marketplace without major restrictions.

Lyon, France 🇫🇷

Meet Karen Rudd,
owner of Frapperie

I’ve been an Etsy seller for the last 10 years, and it’s enabled me to earn a living while working from home. I make everything here, in my home, to order. While I believe there should be more oversight and safety for buyers, changes to legislation imposing new requirements for online marketplaces, like reviewing all inventory before it’s listed, could lead to increased costs or burdens for sellers. I’m a one-woman operation, so if there are more expenses, I may be priced out of the market and out of a job.

Martins - WeHeartYarn (Latvia)

Sabile, Latvia 🇱🇻

Meet Martins Indriksons,
owner of WeHeartYarn

I’m a yarn maker, and have been living and working in Latvia since 2018. When COVID-19 hit, my Etsy shop became even more essential to my livelihood. As stores and galleries closed, my shop gave me hope and purpose. I hope that reforms to the DSA and other legislative proposals such as the GPSR will take into account the needs of artists and small business owners, and protect our access to affordable, accessible, and reliable online marketplaces.

Nina Zelenko - ArtBoutiqueLuna (Slovenia)

Ljubljana, Slovenia 🇸🇮

Meet Nina Zelenko,
owner of Art Boutique Luna

I’m a printmaker and ceramicist, and have been working in Slovenia as a freelance artist since 1984. Using the Etsy marketplace allows me to reach a global audience. It’s also a seller-friendly platform—you don’t have to be a tech expert, and the fees aren’t too high for my business to grow. When COVID-19 hit, Etsy became even more essential to my livelihood. As stores and galleries closed, my online shop gave me hope and purpose. I sincerely hope that reforms to the DSA and other legislative proposals will consider the needs of artists and small business owners, and protect our access to online marketplaces.

Jennifer Steinbach - ZierdeUndBegierde (Germany)

Leipzig, Germany 🇩🇪

Meet Jennifer Steinbach,
owner of Zierde Und Begierde

I started selling my handmade jewelry on Etsy in 2017. Since then, my sales have continued to increase. I’ve been able to fulfill my passion to work as a creative craftsperson and create a secondary source of income. Etsy is a great platform for smaller businesses and artists. I’m very concerned that the Digital Services Act or other legislative proposals like the General Product Safety Regulation will make access to online markets more difficult, or even entirely unviable as an option for smaller companies.

Brigitte Delage - MiniaturesMirabilis (France)

Soual, France 🇫🇷

Meet Brigitte Delage,
owner of Miniatures Mirabilis

Etsy is important to me and many other creative artisans. It gives us the opportunity to show the world our work, and showcase a diverse array of talent. The pandemic could have been devastating without access to Etsy. Access to the marketplace allowed us to continue striving to make a living. And if our microbusinesses prosper, that goes into our local communities. Please don’t stop us from existing.