Stand with the United States Postal Service

This year, more than ever, Americans are depending on the United States Postal Service (USPS) for essential goods and services. In fact, over 90% of US-based Etsy sellers rely on USPS to deliver their packages to consumers. The USPS is particularly important for our sellers who live in rural communities, where USPS may be the only carrier available to them. Today, that essential service is at risk.

Due to the strains caused by COVID-19, recent funding shortfalls and service cutbacks, as well as long-standing fiscal challenges, the USPS is suffering. And sellers, along with millions of Americans, are feeling those challenges in unexpected delays and lost sales, as well as the threat of significant rate increases.

Given the essential role USPS plays in the livelihoods of small and microbusinesses, we strongly support the Postal Service Emergency Assistance Act (S.4174), which would not only ensure this crucial service survives COVID-19, but would help to drive its long-term stability.

Will you join us in asking your representatives in Congress to support the USPS today?