The Uplift Fund supports nonprofits working to dismantle barriers to entrepreneurship

Creating equal opportunities for creative entrepreneurs

We know that entrepreneurship is an important and fulfilling pathway to economic independence for creators, who can use their unique talents to build successful small and microbusinesses. 

But many communities face significant barriers to entrepreneurship, including:

  • lack of digital education and training
  • access to capital
  • insufficient access to benefits like health insurance and paid leave

That’s why Etsy launched the Uplift Fund at Brooklyn Community Foundation* to support nonprofits that work to dismantle these barriers and foster equal opportunities to creative entrepreneurship. Program beneficiaries need not sell goods on Etsy today, though of course we hope that over time they will choose to build their businesses online and on our marketplace.

*The Uplift Fund is held by the Brooklyn Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) that distributes funds to select nonprofits across the US. Etsy doesn’t profit from money donated to the Uplift Fund.

Makers United

Nest is helping creative entrepreneurs get the resources they need to grow their businesses and local economies.

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Hello Alice

Hello Alice helps entrepreneurs grow healthy businesses with curated education, business solutions, and funding opportunities. The link for the learn more section to go to:

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ARTcap: Microloan fund for artists and creatives

Etsy and AltCap, a impact-driven small business lender, are working together to provide accessible microloans to creative entrepreneurs in Kansas, Missouri, and Texas.

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Advancing Women Entrepreneurs

Grameen America provides affordable capital, financial education, and peer support to help low-income women build businesses and grow their local communities.

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How can I participate?

Etsy customers in the US can round up their USD purchases at check out from shops using Etsy Payments to donate to the Uplift Fund. These buyer-donated funds, in addition to separate direct grants from Etsy, are distributed to nonprofit organizations that are directly working with creators who need support building businesses.

Who is the Brooklyn Community Foundation?

The Brooklyn Community Foundation is a public foundation that sponsors Donor Advised Funds for charitable giving, supports racial justice through its grant making programs, and works in partnership with generous donors to bolster vital nonprofits. It is the holder of the Uplift Fund and distributes donations to the nonprofits across the US that receive support from your donations.

How will my donation show up on my bank statement?

The first line will state: BCF Etsy Uplift 

The second line will state:

As a seller on Etsy, can I opt in or out of offering this in checkout?

Any eligible customer that has a valid amount to donate will see this experience in checkout if they’re purchasing from a shop supported by Etsy Payments. When a customer chooses to round up their purchase and donate, this will not impact your order. You will still receive your order funds to your payment account. The donation is held separately from your sale funds and will go directly to the Uplift Fund held at the Brooklyn Community Foundation.

As a seller on Etsy, can I allocate donations to another organization?

All donations will go towards the Uplift Fund. The goal of the Uplift Fund is to support nonprofits  working to enable equal opportunities for creative entrepreneurs. Organizations are selected based on their commitment and approach to these efforts.