Global Ecommerce October 2, 2019

The D.C. Circuit just ruled on the net neutrality case. Now what?

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The fight to protect a free and open internet continues

You may have heard the news the the DC Circuit just issued its decision in the case of Mozilla v. the FCC. Our sellers depend on a free and open internet to grow their microbusinesses and compete online. That’s why Etsy was one of several companies, public interest groups, and local governments that sued the FCC in March of 2018, in an effort to stop Commissioner Pai from rolling back the net neutrality protections we fought so hard for in 2015.

Overall, we’re heartened that the court affirmed states’ ability to pass strong net neutrality laws, even if we’re disappointed that the court didn’t overturn Commissioner Pai’s order in full, instead sending it back to the FCC for revisions.

Today’s decision is another milestone in our ongoing effort to protect a secure, open and accessible internet for all, and Etsy will continue to fight for clear, simple, bright line net neutrality protections. We urge other states to follow California’s lead, and pass strong net neutrality laws to fill the gap left by the FCC’s inaction.

And at the federal level, we strongly urge Congress to pass the Save the Internet Act, which codifies the 2015 Open Internet Order. This important piece of legislation already passed the House, but the Senate has — thus far — refused to take it up.

Our representatives need to understand that this issue isn’t going away, and that we will continue to push for strong net neutrality protections. Will you join us?

Tell your Senator to support the Save the Internet Act today.

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Althea Erickson

Althea Erickson