Reverb Sellers Tell Congress No to Unfair 1099-K Tax Burdens for Casual Music Gear Sales

In 2021, the U.S. Congress passed a law that lowered the minimum tax reporting threshold for 1099-K forms from $20,000 and 200 transactions to just $600 and one transaction. While changes to the 1099-K threshold have been delayed, we still need your help advocating for permanent reform.

For many Reverb sellers, this means that they’ll receive a new tax form for the first time ever for casually selling as little as one piece of gear – like a guitar or a couple of effects pedals. 

Most casual sellers on Reverb don’t sell their old gear for a profit. However, 1099-K forms only take into account income made on online marketplaces and payment platforms, putting the burden on everyday sellers like you to prove that they didn’t make any money and, thus, don’t owe taxes.

We’re turning up the pressure on Congress to act before the next tax cycle and raise the 1099-K tax reporting threshold to a more reasonable number that targets the people who owe taxes instead of harassing the people who don’t.

Will you join us in asking your members of Congress to support casual sellers and come up with a legislative fix?