Tell the Georgia state legislature to keep sellers’ private information confidential

Georgia is considering new legislation, House Bill 327 and Senate Bill 151, that would require Etsy to collect, verify, and display seller contact information on product listing pages. For many home-based business owners, this legislation would mean sharing personal information widely online, including their full name, home address, telephone number, and email address.

The bill is being promoted as a tool to prevent organized crime rings from stealing and selling illegally obtained goods online. That’s a worthy goal, but unfortunately it would require marketplaces like Etsy to collect, verify, and display seller information on product listing pages, even though the unique handmade and vintage items on the marketplace are unlikely targets for such practices.

Lawmakers have simply not considered how this bill would impact Etsy sellers who run their businesses from their homes, and may not have separate business addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses. That’s why they need to hear from you!

Will you contact your representative today, and tell them to oppose House Bill 327 and Senate Bill 151?