Creative Entrepreneurship March 12, 2020

Etsy’s 2020 Economic Impact Goals

Making creative entrepreneurship a path to economic security and personal empowerment.

We have developed an impact strategy that reflects the positive economic, social, and environmental impact we want to have on the world while advancing and complementing our business strategy. Since announcing our impact strategy in 2017, we have updated some of our goals to be more specific, measurable and time bound. We expect to continue to evolve our impact strategy in the future as we grow and our impact work matures. In August 2019, we finalized our acquisition of Reverb, the leading global online marketplace dedicated to buying and selling new, used, and vintage musical instruments, with a vibrant community of buyers and sellers all over the world. We are excited to continue to amplify our impact by harnessing the power of Reverb’s business and community.

Our economic impact goal is to:

Make creative entrepreneurship a path to economic security and personal empowerment.

To advance this goal, we’ve set three sub-goals and targets where appropriate:

1. Create and grow economic opportunities for creative entrepreneurs.

  • Target: Double U.S. Etsy sellers’ economic output by 2023.

2. Foster economic and personal empowerment among our stakeholders.

  • Target: Invest in social programs that (1) promote economic opportunities for creative entrepreneurs, and (2) provide musical education to people in need.

3. Advocate for public policies that advance our commitments to economic empowerment, equity, and ecological sustainability:

  • Target: Advance public policies that increase economic security and reduce administrative burdens for creative entrepreneurs.

We’ll continue to keep our stakeholders informed on our progress, challenges, and learnings through the Economic Impact section of our Impact blog.

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Althea Erickson

Althea Erickson